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I must be doing something wrong.
  ahole-surprise, Mar 11 2011

Anyone want to offer coaching for 6max on PS? Or maybe someone to just watch my sessions.

I was properly rolled for NL25. After what seems like endless bad beats and coolers, I am no longer properly rolled for NL25. I am now playing NL10 and things have continued as before. It's like one day I'll make +1 BI, the next day -2BI, the next day -6BI, -9BI, +2BI, -9BI.

I am constantly getting sucked out on. I am constantly getting coolered. But maybe I'm putting myself in situations for that to happen? My bet sizing is proper, I just get fucked over and over. But maybe something is wrong. Over 150k hands this can't be just bad luck unless PS hates me and fucked my account.

I'd like coaching but what I really want right now is an experienced player to watch my sessions and see what I'm seeing. I need to know that this shit isn't just me.

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Want to become a poker player
  ahole-surprise, Nov 09 2010

I'm currently in my first year in law school in the U.S., top 20 school.
However, the legal market is crap. There is no sign it is going to get any better, even after the economy recovers.
And now that I'm doing law work, I realize how much I hate it. I don't want to be doing this for the rest of my life. I don't want to be some client's bitch. And lawyers make shit money if they're not in "Big law" and have to work for at least 10 years to make anything close to 100k a year on average. And the work sucks.

I recently deposited some money in FTP and I think I finally understand poker to the most basic degree. Playing some 0.05-.10 6 Max, I get bankroll management, and I'm steadily making a profit.
I want to move build up an online bankroll over the next year, and depending on how that goes, keep going up in stakes and also maybe start playing live games at AC or Foxwoods.

I know that a lot of poker players barely get by, but I do have financial support from my parents until I'm forced to reveal that I've changed my mind about law school. Thank god tuition wasn't that expensive for this semester, only around 10k because of a big scholarship. I do have a big decision to make if I want to disenroll from law school next semester starting January while staying in the apt here and just playing poker all day. I would pretty much be committing myself to this life before I have any tangible evidence that I can sustain it. I wonder if it's worth the extra 10k in debt to essentially give myself until September to figure things out. I'm willing to just get some regular job too in the meantime.

Just wanted to share this with liquidpoker. Any words of advice or encouragement are welcome.

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Back playing poker
  ahole-surprise, May 14 2009

I'm back playing poker after a long break.
I was a losing player 2 months ago, playing NL10 with a 50-100 dollar bankroll. Now I think I really understand the game better, especially cash games, and I'm grinding it out at NL2 for the most part.

However, just as was the problem 2 months ago, I find poker really boring at times and on the whole unsatisfying, especially grinding multitables microstakes.

I find tournaments more fun but the site I'm currently on, absolutepoker, is shit when it comes to game selection, both tournies and cash but especially tournies. Also, it's pretty frustrating to play 1 dollar sit and gos and seeing the kind of hands people suck out on you with. I might just shut down poker if it keeps going like this.

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